Water Feature


Water Feature

Water features in your garden or on the balcony and terrace, it can be so pleasant when crystal clear fountains bubble, when water streams and flows from classic or modern fountain kit, sometime flowing with powerful elegance, sometime splashing quietly. An atmospheric waterscape gains profile and beauty through water effects.


Water Feature 001  Water Feature Corner  Water Feature 002

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Water Feature Corner 001  Water Feature Corner 002  Water Feature Corner 003

Water Feature Wall 004  Water Feature Corner 004  Water Feature 005

Japanese Water Fortune


Dimension Size : 1.3ft x 50″ x 25″ Depth

Pond complete with :

  • Fibreglass Container
  • 2000 Asto Pump
  • 1 No. Piso Underwater Light
  • 2 No. Mini Underwater Light
  • Filter Box c/w filter media
  • 2 pcs Granite Stepping Bowl
  • 30 pcs Hollow Blocks
  • 2 Cartons Culture Stones
  • Water Proofing / Cement Works
  • Assorted Pebble inside pond
  • 1 No. Assorted Water Plants

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