Office Plants Rental

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Office Plants Rental

Indoor plants set-up in different type of external pot  for office plants rental.

Office Plant Rental - Money Plant            Office Plant Rental - Japanese Bamboo (YellowWhite)           Office Plant Rental - Rhapis Excelsa (Lady Palm)

Money Tree          Japanese Bamboo            Lady Palm

Office Plant Rental - Yellow Palm     Pachira (3-4Ft)      Keppel Seghers - Japanese Bamboo 4-5ft(Green)

Yellow Palm                Pachira (3-4ft)                Japanese Bamboo

Japanese Bamboo (Green)           Zamioculcas in China Pot          Money Plant (3-4ft)

Japanese Bamboo          Zamioculcas in China Pot      Money Tree

(Green - 4ft-5ft)               (3ft - 4ft)                                (3ft - 4ft)

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