Garden Plants


Garden Plants

Plant Habits

  1. Climberseg Bougainvillea ( Ornamental Flowers)

    • Requires little water andĀ full sun
  2. Shrubs eg Acalypha ( Ornamental Foliage)
    • Requires lots of water
    • Heliconia Yellow
      Heliconia Yellow

      Snake Plant (Mother-In-Law Tongue) 2ft
      Snake Plant (Mother-In-Law Tongue) 2ft

  3. Cycads & Palms eg Cycas Pectinata
    • Requires littel water and full sun
    • Red Palm
      Red Palm

  4. Trees eg Alstonia scholaris (Wayside tress/palm)
    • Requires moderate water and full sun
  5. Turf Varietiesturf-varieties.jpg

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