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Christmas Hamper Gifts By Chloe G Ramsbottom The British tradition of giving gift hampers at Christmas was been spreading around the world. There are now loads of companies and charities delivering Christmas hampers every year.

What could be a more traditional seasonal gift than a classic Christmas Hamper with loads of suitable food and beverages for the festive season. Hamper gifts became fashionable in the Victorian era when the rich would provide wicker baskets of food for their staff and impoverished families for them to enjoy a decent Christmas dinner. The tradition of providing charity hampers is still carried on today by organisations like The Salvation Army who distribute hampers in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.From the 1970’s onwards hamper savings schemes became popular in the UK. Under these schemes families would give a small payment every week and receive a hamper in time for Christmas. This market has fallen rapidly since the failure of a major supplier called Farepak. Farepak collapsed in 2006 leaving thousands of families without their hamper at Christmas. The average customer lost four hundred pounds with some customers loosing close to two thousand pounds. Farepak had been trading in hampers since 1968 and had over one hundred and fifty thousand customers, many of which had used the firm for years.The market for hampers has been changing. In the nineteen seventies hampers were often purchased on installments by families for their own Christmas, the eighties saw the growth of the hamper market for corporate gifts and entertaining. It became common place for companies to give hampers to their staff and to other businesses they deal with. Modern hampers for business are often very luxurious featuring very fine produce usually geared to Christmas such as port and stilton, whisky, mince pies and Christmas puddings. Amongst the more decadent examples of hampers produced in recent years have been hampers produced by pop star Stings wife, filled with organic products from her farm. By far the most decadent hamper is the twenty thousand pound hamper from Fortnum and Mason which is delivered by horse and cart.

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Christmas Flower

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Christmas Flowers - Colors and Traditions of the Holiday Season  Sending Christmas flowers to a friend or family member is a gift sure to please. Flowers sent for birthdays and other occasions are appreciated but seldom enjoyed by anyone except the recipient. The entertaining and family gatherings of the holiday season allow plants and flowers sent by post to be enjoyed by many people. Designing Christmas floral arrangements is fun, too, as there are so many seasonal options that can be added. Small ornaments, elegant ribbons, candles and snippets or sprays of evergreen shrubs add seasonal color and scent.The most recognized flower for the holidays may be the poinsettia with its unique blooms. Visit a garden store or an online florist in December and you’ll find the old standard red poinsettia is no longer the only choice. White, pink and even white and white mixed blooms can be found. The useful of the plant after the season is questionable as coaxing a poinsettia to bloom again relies on providing the right moisture and weeks of darkness, too. The best use for these plants is as part of the Christmas decorations as a flower meant to be enjoyed for several weeks and then discarded. The popular floral gift of a large plant full of blooms is striking yet inexpensive to purchase.Red and white flowers are the most popular Christmas choices and photos of suggested choices often mix white and red in one design and use the colors again in the container. A better choice is to focus on the aspect of holiday decorations and choose color choices for the most impact. Some ideas might be:* A container total covered with sprays of cedar, white pine or fir* Small golden balls attached randomly to the sprays* Deep red roses arranged in the center* Tall white candles at each end of the arrangement* An aged copper container* Dark green, glossy magnolia leaves on short branches* 2-3 graceful white orchids in the center* An oval spray of cedar mixed with variegated ivy* Red carnations inserted through the greenery* Pinecones tipped in white paint or glitter mixed with the carnations* An ornament such as a golden angel rising from the center. If you prefer playful rather than elegant, flower delivery sites offer arrangements filled with whimsy, too. Bells, candy canes, reindeer and Santa Claus are all perfect elements for holiday floral displays.Your Christmas Flowers aren’t limited to table top bouquets. Indoor or outdoor wreaths are also popular gifts for the holidays. A wreath or spray of evergreen branches, magnolia leaves or a twig wreath can be filled with fresh flowers and finished with a large bow of designer ribbon and used as wall decor in cold climates or placed outside in warmer regions.Whether you show up for the party with pots of poinsettias or order delivery of Christmas flowers, it’s a gift that is easy to buy and always appreciated.

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Father’s Day is a day honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in 55 of the world’s countries and on other days elsewhere. It complements Mother’s Day, the celebration honoring mothers.

 This year the Father’s Day falls on 20th  June 2010.


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Chinese New Year, which is also known as spring festival is one of the most important traditional holidays. This festival starts on the first day of the first months of the Lunar month in the Chinese calendar and end on the fifteenth day. The last day of the festival is also called “Lantern festival”.Each year this festival is celebrated by the large population of ethnic Chinese present all over the world. As it is the eve of New Year, it is celebrated with much fun fair. It is the time for re-union, thanksgiving all clubbed together. Traditionally, the root of the festival lies in paying to the almighty gods of earth and heaven along with asking peace and fortune for the family. Each day of the 15 day festival symbolizes the faith of Chinese in their culture and religion.

With the festival season on the cards, the Chinese start procuring gifts to their friends and families to commemorate the festival event. The gifts present an insight to the culture of Chinese and showcase their love and affection to wards their near and dear ones. Most of the Chinese prefer to gift red envelopes filled with lucky money, which is then presented over to children and unmarried couples. The colour red symbolizes fortune and the money is utilized to buy holiday treats.


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rr006-12-red-roses-with-white-pheonix-handbouquet55.jpg  pk001-12-2-tone-pink-roses-hand-bouquet138.jpg  yr001-12-yellow-roses-hand-bouquet78.jpg  Blue Roses  wr007-12-whiteroses-wpurplepheonixncordylinefoliage-hb98.jpg  Purple Roses  Peach Roses  Champagne Roses   Meaning of Different Color RosesBy Adam Carter

Roses come in many varieties of color but the main ones are yellow, Orange/Peach, Lavender/Purple, Pink, Red and White.Yellow Roses - The sun has always been a symbol of warmth and life giving power. And yellow roses are no different. We give yellow roses to those people we wish to share our joy, delight or happiness with. Yellow roses are a sign of true friendship, of “Congratulations” or “Welcome Back”.Orange (Peach) Roses - Orange has long been a color of vibrant energy. A gift of orange roses means passion, desire or a personal fascination or longing. Peach roses with their more muted colors are a sign of sincerity, gratitude or sympathy.Lavender (Purple) Roses - The lavender rose symbolizes love at first sight. They are a sign of enchantment and mean, “I adore you”. Purple roses are also symbols of instant enchantment but also of elegance and grandeur. Is also a modern sign of alternative relationships.Pink Roses - Grace, gentility and refinement are the meaning of pink roses. This rose is gentle emotions, sweet and innocent thoughts. Pink roses are often given as gift of admiration or simple joy and happiness.Red Roses - This color rose has long been the ancient symbol of love and beauty. The lover’s rose, red roses means steadfast and enduring love. Red is also the symbol of great courage and respect. Its simplest meaning is, “I love you’.White Roses - White is an ancient symbol of purity and innocence in the West. As such white roses are often part of bridal bouquets as a sign of honor, loyalty and for new beginnings. White roses are also a sign of respect or remembrance.The Number of RosesHow many flowers you order along with the meaning of different color roses is also important.1 rose = “love at first sight” or “you are the one” - Lavender for the first and red for the second.2 roses = Mutual love or attraction - Red or white. Red and white together mean unity.3 roses = “I love you” - Red4 roses = No particular meaning but is considered unlucky in some Asian cultures.6 roses = “I want to be yours - Red, Orange, Lavender, etc.7 roses = Infatuated - Orange, lavender, red, etc.10 roses = “You are perfect!”12 roses = “Be Mine” - red, white, orange, lavender, etc.Now that you understand what the meaning of different color roses are all about you can plan your gifts accordingly.

http://www.rosemeaning.info provides all the knowledge one could ever want regarding rose meanings as well as their symbolism. From colours to the amount of roses, you will find everything you need at http://www.rosemeaning.infoArticle Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adam_Carter


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Unique Handmade Jewelry

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All the jewelry pieces are designed and made by myself to ensure exclusivity and quality. These jewelry designs are infused with classic glamour, yet suitable for everyday wear. They are targeted at urban women (above 20 years old), and have proven to be popular gifts for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthdays. They are made primarily with genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls from Austria, which are famous due to their high product quality. Other trinkets and materials are sourced from countries including Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.