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Roses come in many varieties of color but the main ones are yellow, Orange/Peach, Lavender/Purple, Pink, Red and White.Yellow Roses - The sun has always been a symbol of warmth and life giving power. And yellow roses are no different. We give yellow roses to those people we wish to share our joy, delight or happiness with. Yellow roses are a sign of true friendship, of “Congratulations” or “Welcome Back”.Orange (Peach) Roses - Orange has long been a color of vibrant energy. A gift of orange roses means passion, desire or a personal fascination or longing. Peach roses with their more muted colors are a sign of sincerity, gratitude or sympathy.Lavender (Purple) Roses - The lavender rose symbolizes love at first sight. They are a sign of enchantment and mean, “I adore you”. Purple roses are also symbols of instant enchantment but also of elegance and grandeur. Is also a modern sign of alternative relationships.Pink Roses - Grace, gentility and refinement are the meaning of pink roses. This rose is gentle emotions, sweet and innocent thoughts. Pink roses are often given as gift of admiration or simple joy and happiness.Red Roses - This color rose has long been the ancient symbol of love and beauty. The lover’s rose, red roses means steadfast and enduring love. Red is also the symbol of great courage and respect. Its simplest meaning is, “I love you’.White Roses - White is an ancient symbol of purity and innocence in the West. As such white roses are often part of bridal bouquets as a sign of honor, loyalty and for new beginnings. White roses are also a sign of respect or remembrance.The Number of RosesHow many flowers you order along with the meaning of different color roses is also important.1 rose = “love at first sight” or “you are the one” - Lavender for the first and red for the second.2 roses = Mutual love or attraction - Red or white. Red and white together mean unity.3 roses = “I love you” - Red4 roses = No particular meaning but is considered unlucky in some Asian cultures.6 roses = “I want to be yours - Red, Orange, Lavender, etc.7 roses = Infatuated - Orange, lavender, red, etc.10 roses = “You are perfect!”12 roses = “Be Mine” - red, white, orange, lavender, etc.Now that you understand what the meaning of different color roses are all about you can plan your gifts accordingly.

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