Chinese New Year0


Chinese New Year, which is also known as spring festival is one of the most important traditional holidays. This festival starts on the first day of the first months of the Lunar month in the Chinese calendar and end on the fifteenth day. The last day of the festival is also called “Lantern festival”.Each year this festival is celebrated by the large population of ethnic Chinese present all over the world. As it is the eve of New Year, it is celebrated with much fun fair. It is the time for re-union, thanksgiving all clubbed together. Traditionally, the root of the festival lies in paying to the almighty gods of earth and heaven along with asking peace and fortune for the family. Each day of the 15 day festival symbolizes the faith of Chinese in their culture and religion.

With the festival season on the cards, the Chinese start procuring gifts to their friends and families to commemorate the festival event. The gifts present an insight to the culture of Chinese and showcase their love and affection to wards their near and dear ones. Most of the Chinese prefer to gift red envelopes filled with lucky money, which is then presented over to children and unmarried couples. The colour red symbolizes fortune and the money is utilized to buy holiday treats.