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Koi Pond Equipment - How to Keep the Water Crystal Clear

It is every Koi fish owner’s dream to have healthy Koi swimming in crystal clear water. But how to do that has always been a challenge. There are a few pieces of equipment that will help you in your quest for that elusive perfectly clear water.

First there is the ozone unit. Ozone has been used in aquariums for some time but its use in Koi ponds is relatively new. Ozone is created by passing air through a high voltage electrical discharge. The result is oxygen with extra atom. This extra atom of oxygen is easily detached and in the process has a powerful disinfectant effect, killing any living organisms in the water nearby. Clearly ozone is dangerous for the Koi and can never be allowed in the pond. In using this equipment water is fed into the ozone unit and treated. It is then returned to the pond free of disease, bacteria and parasites and with improved water clarity. Unfortunately these systems are very expensive and out of the reach of most owners. But they are something that should be investigated and may be added as you can afford them.

Another option for improving water quality and clarity is the UV clarifier. These units help to keep the water clear of single-celled algae that flourishes in sunlight and high levels of nitrates and phosphates. The UV clarifier radiates ultraviolet light causing the algae to collapse and decay. This unit is not a UV sterilizer that is commonly used in aquariums. The clarifier allows a higher volume of water to pass over the light where as a sterilizer lets a smaller volume of water pass closer to the light to receive a high dose of UV light. These are far less expensive than ozone units but aren’t a substitute. They do different things but can both help to provide clearer, cleaner water.

A third option is the use of a variety of “water polishing” units. Traditionally this was done by passing the water through a sand filter after the last main filter stage before the water was returned to the pond. Today there is a more cost effective way to accomplish this using a canister device containing a series sieve plates designed to capture extremely fine particles.

Consider these options as you look for ways to get that extra water clarity in you pond. It will make a real difference and greatly enhance the enjoyment you get from your fish.

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