World Planting Day with Australian International School0

Aim: To have a school garden to excite the students, to convert the land into a fantastic playground possibly.


1) Safety First- Most important thing is to make the garden a safe place. So no Ponds!

For complete peace of mind, always be in the garden with students and keep a close eye on what they are doing.

  2) Add some excitement

To make into a child-friendly garden, we want to get some exotic plants that kids find exhilarating.

Large- leaved exotics, such as bananas plants, make brillant places to hide while grass and other tactile plants will become child magnets that just have to be touched & stroked whenever they head outdoors.

A simple swing, slide or activity centre will provide years of fun.

Some observation:

11am hot sun - This is the day where i have seen some many  kids age from 4-6 years old, wearing sun hats and face applying lots of sun screen by their caring teachers. they are so full of excitement for the first time, i presume to experience the joys of gardening with some many kids and their teachers.

 International Planting Day!

There are many elements of gardenings that appeal to the kids.

Some like watching seeds plant right to the soil.

Others enjoys with thrills when see some insects or earthworms coming to the surface of the soil.

And some children will just like getting their hands dirty. They listen attentatively for a few minutes when I explain on how the seeds plants will soon develop into a plant. Among those inquisitive kids, I found a kid jumping up with hands up to gain my attention, asking questions.

Interesting sight when I spotted a kid getting murdy in the soil, I grabbed the kid’s tiny hand but the teacher in-charge asks me to relax and signaling to me to allow the kid to experience the joy fun in touching the soil. That moment, I resent with a sudden realisation of the importance of life experiences of things even small things we learn that way. Somehow I forgotten this essential part of education. Perhaps I was slightly stressed up with over-react to those bunch of interesting vlnerable kids under the hot sun.