Water Feature Accessory0

Water Feature Accessory

1) Double Fish - SOLD out of stock

Size : Height 2ft x Width 1ft

Colour : Beach Color

2 Water holes at the fish mouth for water spray.

Double Fish Ht2ft W1ft

2) Excelcior 2 Tier

Excelcior 2 Tier

3)  Square Housing Base

Square Housing Base

 4) WaterFeature 5ftx4ftx3ft (Display set sales - $1800)

a) Fibreglass Kio Pond 5ft x 4ft x 3ft

b) Filter Box 18″ x 3ft x 3ft

c) Water pump

d) Fibreglass artificial waterfall H6ft x W4ft

WaterFeature 5ftx4ftx3ft