Water Feature (Stone)

Water Feature (Stone)

  •  Water Feature 3-StepBowl (Palimanan) Set (Corner Unit)

With lights x 3pcs & pump x 1pcs
Chengal Wood Cover (Both Side)
Fibreglass tank 4ft x 4ft x 1.5ft

Water Feature - 3 Step Bowl Corner unit

  • Water-Feature-3-Step Bowl (Palimanan) Set (3ftx3ft)
    With lights x 3pcs & pump x 1pcs
    Pebble Stone 2-3 bags
    Artificial Plants x 3pots
    Fibreglass tank 3ft x 3ft x 9″

Water-Feature Set (3ftx3ft)

Optional :

1) Granite Stone 8″ x 4″ x 4″



Water Feature


Water Feature

Water features in your garden or on the balcony and terrace, it can be so pleasant when crystal clear fountains bubble, when water streams and flows from classic or modern fountain kit, sometime flowing with powerful elegance, sometime splashing quietly. An atmospheric waterscape gains profile and beauty through water effects.


Water Feature 001  Water Feature Corner  Water Feature 002

Water Feature 003  Water Feature 004  Water Feature 005

Water Feature Corner 001  Water Feature Corner 002  Water Feature Corner 003

Water Feature Wall 004  Water Feature Corner 004  Water Feature 005

Japanese Water Fortune


Dimension Size : 1.3ft x 50″ x 25″ Depth

Pond complete with :

  • Fibreglass Container
  • 2000 Asto Pump
  • 1 No. Piso Underwater Light
  • 2 No. Mini Underwater Light
  • Filter Box c/w filter media
  • 2 pcs Granite Stepping Bowl
  • 30 pcs Hollow Blocks
  • 2 Cartons Culture Stones
  • Water Proofing / Cement Works
  • Assorted Pebble inside pond
  • 1 No. Assorted Water Plants

Water Feature Accessory

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Water Feature Accessory

1) Double Fish - SOLD out of stock

Size : Height 2ft x Width 1ft

Colour : Beach Color

2 Water holes at the fish mouth for water spray.

Double Fish Ht2ft W1ft

2) Excelcior 2 Tier

Excelcior 2 Tier

3)  Square Housing Base

Square Housing Base

 4) WaterFeature 5ftx4ftx3ft (Display set sales - $1800)

a) Fibreglass Kio Pond 5ft x 4ft x 3ft

b) Filter Box 18″ x 3ft x 3ft

c) Water pump

d) Fibreglass artificial waterfall H6ft x W4ft

WaterFeature 5ftx4ftx3ft


Secrets Garden Water Feature


Secret Garden


Secrets Garden Water Feature

Dimension Size : 3ft x 2 ft x 25″ Depth

Pond complete with :

  • Fibreglass Container
  • 2000 Asto Pump
  • Piso Underwater Light
  • Filter Box c/w filter media
  • 1 pcs Granite Water Spouting Slab
  • 3 No. Palma Flower Slab
  • 30 pcs Hollow Blocks
  • 3 Cartons Culture Stones
  • 12 No. Palma Blocks
  • Water Proofing / Cement Works
  • Assorted Pebble inside pond
  • 8 No. Assorted Water Plants

What is a garden pond or a koi pond?

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A garden pond or a koi pond? 

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There are some vital differences between a ‘garden pond’ and a ‘koi pond’. It is important to understand these distinctions before we look more closely at how to build a koi pond.

What is a garden pond ? Click Here!

 A garden pond is literally a water feature that enhances the appearance of a garden and supports a wide range of plants and wildlife that share the watery environment. When you create a garden pond you can choose from a host of aquatic plants to soften the edges of the construction and provide colour and interest the whole year through. Around the perimeter of the pond you can feature moisture-loving plants, such as hostas and primulas, that will thrive in constantly damp soil. In the shallow water over a planting shelf or lapping onto a ‘beach’, you can grow a huge selection of marginal plants, from the bright yellow blooms of spring-flowering Caltha to the elegant spikes of irises and tall stems of reeds and rushes that continue their display into the autumn months. And in the deepest parts of the pond, you can enjoy the elegance of water lilies, surely the most magnificent of aquatic plants.

Into this ‘jungle’ of plants and water, you can introduce goldfish and other hardy pond fish. These will thrive and survive throughout the year and be joined by native creatures, such as frogs, toads, newts, water beetles and dragonflies, that will make themselves at home in your pond environment. And the added bonus is that you can create this diverse and successful habitat without worrying too much about a minimum overall size or water depth, and without too much in the way of complicated life-support systems. Yes, you will need a filter and a water pump if you want to sustain quite a few fish or build a waterfall and fountain, but to a large extent a well set up garden pond is a self-sustaining system.

What is a koi pond ?

Like a garden pond, a koi pond is also a hole in the ground filled with water, but there the resemblance ends. A koi pond has a single purpose: to provide a suitable environment for keeping koi. And because koi are fast-growing fish that produce a great deal of waste, the main aim is to create and maintain a large volume of clean, well-oxygenated water in which they can flourish and show off their colours. A koi pond should be at least 1.5m (oft) deep and to keep


Planning A Water Fountain Garden

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Planning A Water Fountain Garden   by Elizabeth Jean

Water Garden

A water-fountain garden will go anywhere in the yard, on the patio, on a balcony, or a porch and even indoors. But certain water features are better suited than others to certain sights (and to certain gardeners, for that matter).

What is Feasible for Installing a Water-Fountain Garden?

This should be your first question, and to find out which water-fountain garden best suits you, your resources, and your space, you’ll need to educate yourself. Be a “know it all” before you start, and you will be well prepared to begin your water garden.

Check out prices and calculate what your budget can tolerate. Call garden suppliers that handle water fountains and ask questions about their products. Also, visit local water fountains. Talk with the owners or those who care for them. Visit local clubs-many communities have organizations that sponsor tours. If you’re well informed, you’ll make better plans, find installation easier, and prevent frustrations down the road.

Size and Site for Planning a Water Fountain Garden

First, check out your site. A large water-fountain garden with a spectacular waterfall will overwhelm a small lot. It also might overwork your budget, your time, and your back. A small garden pool, on the other hand, could get lost in an expansive landscape.

If you’re planning anything more involved than a pre-made fountain or container water-fountain garden, you’ll also need to check with city or county offices to find out if there are any ordinances that apply to the installation of water-fountain gardens. Get more ideas on water fountains by visiting http://skylandgardening.com/category/water-feature/

Be Calculating When Planning Your Water Fountain Garden

Figure all costs in advance. Small gardens are inexpensive, but large gardens can cost thousands of dollars. You don’t want to find yourself in the position of the would-be water gardener who dug a large hole one spring weekend only to fill it in again because the liner was too expensive and didn’t fit in the budget.

You may need to contract a large project (or parts of it) to a professional. Pouring concrete, installing electric lines, bricklaying, and excavation can be extensive (and expensive) and are jobs best left to the pros. Most water fountains can be bought in easy to install kits.

Assess your time and strength. A tub garden will take an hour or two to put together, but a large water fountain garden may take weeks to dig and build. It will also require a good back and strong arms and legs. An 18-inch-deep, 6-foot by 4-foot hole may not sound like a big job, but it would probably take a middle-aged man of average strength a half day to dig. For large projects, you can rent a backhoe.

Maintenance of Your Water-Fountain Garden

Remember to calculate maintenance time, too. A tub garden with a water lily takes just a few minutes a week. So does a freestanding or a wall water fountain garden. Add plants and fish and you add more time. A garden just a few feet across with a few plants and fish will need your attention for an hour or less each week. Larger gardens can demand two or three hours a week. For more wall fountain ideas check out http://skylandgardening.com/category/water-feature/


* Working with medium-sized boulders and rocks 1 to 3 feet in diameter * Building a wood-sided water garden


* Installing a wall fountain * Installing a bridge * Working with large boulders and rocks more than 3 feet in diameter


* Wiring and other electrical work * Operating a backhoe * Laying brick and concrete block * Installing 1-foot or higher stone walls * Pouring concrete


* Sealing and installing a pump in a container * Digging a hole a few feet across * Laying flagstone or stacking concrete paving blocks * Installing narrow widths of flexible or preformed liner * Creating a bog garden * Working with sand, gravel, and boulders less than 1 foot in diameter


* Installing a freestanding fountain * Building a stream or waterfall * Laying a brick patio * Laying small amounts of tile

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